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I've been a fibreglasser since 2003. I started out as a fibreglass boat builder, first making racing catamarans then later north sea fishing vessels and finally world class cruising yachts. When I left the marine industry to establish RAL fibreglassing, I took with me all the knowledge I needed to deliver the highest quality GPR linings for domestic and commercial contracts. Every lining job is treated with the same principles as every boat was, to ensure the highest level of waterproofing and sufficient durability. 
During my fibreglassing career I have travelled the country glassing a wide variety of projects, flat roofs, gulleys, wet rooms, zoo enclosures, ornamental water features, swimming pools and Koi ponds. I am a fibreglass specialist. My background in the industry has given me the knowledge and expertise to deliver a fibreglass lining with the durability and quality finish every customer is looking for.                                                                                                                              Ross Leonard, RAL fibreglassing

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